The camera has interested me ever since I can remember. Around the age of two and a half, I appear on Beta tape poking my nose in the lens, telling my dad "I wanna see!" Much to his displeasure - and the camera's - I never stopped begging him after that. A quick how-to-camera, two college degrees, and twenty-eight years later, I'm still just as passionate about photography.

<-- Here's my favorite picture of me and my dad. 

My name is Lauren Gerson DeLeon. I am a photojournalist + filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in photojournalism and radio-televsion-film. Currently, I work as the photographer for the McCombs School of Business.  

When I'm not making pictures, I enjoy trying to grow a butterfly garden on my second story balcony. It's a love/hate relationship for me and the Texas heat. Otherwise, I take shelter inside with my sweetheart, Kyle, and our two kitties: Birdy and Jupiter.

Please feel free to contact me for photo assignments, film projects, weddings, or anything else you can think of for me to photograph.

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Hello! My name is Lauren Gerson DeLeon. I'm a photojournalist + filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Please feel free to contact me for photo assignments, weddings, film projects, or Beta/Hi8/VHS to digital home movie transfers at blackbirdfilmco@gmail.com